Life in the Wasteland is hard and, if you don’t want or simply can’t stay in a settlement, it is vital to team up. Gangers are probably the most common faction you can find in this part of the Wasteland, from groups of raiders to vigilantes. These gangs make a living attacking settlements or travelers to get bullets and gas, acting as mercenaries to carry out the wishes of some local chief, patrolling the surroundings of a colony, or just roaming the Wasteland as free spirits with the strength of the group to improve their chances of survival. They are the best combatants and they have more firepower than any other faction.

There are some gangs that follow a distinct and well defined style, such as using the same clothes, show some tribal tattoos off or shave half their heads. Others are totally mixed and don’t have any distinctive feature.

These gangs are usually nomad and try to get whatever they need on the road, but some of them have some kind fo refuge or base camp to rest, shelter or train their greens.


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