No one knows exactly when did the first mutants started to appear, but there were rumors about people with strange powers even before the population was expelled from the Megalopoli and threw out to the Wasteland. Their origins can vary a lot; maybe all the chemical agents and radiation levels accumulated in the marginal areas back in the days took a heavy toll on their inhabitants, or they might be the flawed outcomes of sinister genetic investigation experiments, or just plain and simple natural selection. The fact is that their ranks have increased notably since people have been forced to live in the Wasteland.

Mutants are not very popular in the area of Scrapbridge and most people have reactions that vary from grudging acceptance to hunting posses in some towns. The fact is that everyone calls them Mutards now, a derogative name that might come from the union of “mutant” and “bastard”.

As a rule of thumb Mutards are not very well equipped, as usually nobody trades with them, but they possess a wide array of mutations that can counter that drawback.


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