Finding tools, weapons, vehicles or almost anything in the Wasteland is hard and dangerous. But the Junkers, also called Scavengers by some, make a living of it. They search among the piles of rubble of old cities and the disposal waste of the Megalopoli, and they always find things to sell or trade at this settlement or the other. They are adept on repairing and “patching” machines, although not very neatly, and more often than not they end up creating complex apparatus to solve simple tasks, and not the other way around.

They are probably the faction that can roam this side of the Wasteland with more freedom of movement than any other, as everyone is interested in trading with them to get good stuff, and it is not wise to attack the people that can get them. That doesn’t mean they are totally safe, and from time to time a gang of Junkers is attacked to steal their goods, so although they are not the best fighters in the world, they have wits and devices with which to defend themselves, and they are used to move around dangerous places like no other.


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